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Erica Kloestra Features Stop-it!

The net is 22 inches in height and will extend approximately 23 feet across . If more height is required the stop-it nets have a very unique feature in which two nets are stackable to create a taller barrier.

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What an innovative product idea!
Roger Simmons
Stop-it! Customer
I like that it is retractable and portable.
Stop-it! Customer
THIS would be so perfect to have for my driveway.weve been looking for a product like this for some time.
Laurie P.
Stop-it! Customer
I love that its fully retractable
D. Gibbs
Stop-it! Customer
I like that i dont have to worry about my girls running into the street to catch the ball!
Natasha Severson
Stop-it! Customer
I love that it is bright red! Easy for kids and cars to see!
Holly Andrews
Stop-it! Customer
Looks like a good way to keep the little ones corralled in safety.
Stop-it! Customer
What a great idea..very cool!
Stop-it Customer
I wish I had thought of that. I'm a soccer coach, and this come come in real handy
Peter Duthoy
Stop-it Customer
This is really cool! Great idea!
Stop-it Customer