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“Statistics show that there are high incidences of injury to children from lack of driveway safety and boundaries.”


Key facts about driveway incidences


  • Most driveway incidences involve children who are injured while chasing a pet, toy or ball into the street.
  • Children injured in driveway accidents often suffer severe and sometimes fatal injuries.
  • The occurrence of these tragic accidents has not changed significantly over the past 15 years but the good new is these deaths and injuries are preventable!!
  • By using the “Stop-it!” as a driveway blocker parents can add an additional level of security to help restrict street access while playing.
  • “Stop it!” cannot prevent kids from running on to the street to chase a ball or a toy however it can surely act as a reminder not to do so.
  • The imaginary boundary it establishes reminds kids not to run on the street.

Demographics of Children Injured in Driveway-Related Accident




* Study based on 1500 children