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Hockey Day In Thornhill


Hockey Day In Thornhill


Hockey Day In Thornhill


All proceeds go towards helping kids play sports

“Grab your sticks, bring your appetite and the whole family for a day of hockey, BBQ and great fun”

Date :   June 9, 2013

Location : Stephen Lewis Secondary School Outdoor Courts, 555 Autumn Hill Blvd. Thornhill, ON L4J 8X2

Time: Registration at 8:30 am

Games will begin at 9:am. Check website for game schedule .

Ages: 7-10 year old Division. 11-13 year old Division

Teams: min 6 players per team, max 8 players

Game : 4 on 4 plus goalie.

BBQ lunch and jerseys included for all players

Cost  $40.00. Per player.

Team sponsorship available for $200.00. Great way to promote your business to our community.

Fun for the whole family, with music, face painting, Henna tattoos and lots more ..



Download Registration Form


  • I shall see that the said player will obey all rules and regulations, and that, the player named hereon is in good health and able to participate in the Hockey Day in Thornhill Tournament. I also hereby release Stop-it, NBK, and all persons associated with the organization, its partners and sponsors in the above mentioned tournament from all claims for damages arising from any accident or injury which is caused by, or arises from participation in the sport by the person named hereon as the player. I/we also hereby give consent to the above-named participant being interviewed and/or photographed.
  • Registration Fee : $40.00






Rules and Regulations

Hockey Day In Thornhill  Rules and Regulations

  • Each team shall consist of FOUR players and a goalie on the court.
  • Each team must have at least 6 players registered with a maximum of 8 on a team.
  • Each team will be represented by a captain. The Captain is the only individual allowed to discuss with the officials any questions relating to the rules.
  • Any player other than the captain (on the bench or on the court) whom makes a protest or interferes with play in any way is subject to a penalty and or ejection.


  •  7-10 YEAR OLD DIVISION: Each game will consist of two 12-minute periods running time. There will be a 1-minute break between periods.
  • 11-13 YEAR OLD DIVISION:  Each game will consist of two 12-minute periods running time. There will be a 1-minute break between periods.
  • Teams will switch goals at the end of the period.
  • A face-off will be used to begin the period and after every goal. Officials may stop play for injuries or extenuating circumstances.
  • There are No off sides.
  • In the event of a tie, tie breaker will be determined by head to head win, then goals for.


  • Free player substitution is allowed as long as the court player is within one foot of the team’s bench.


  • If the ball goes out of play the team who shot it loses possession of the ball.
  • If the goalie stops the ball in their crease the whistle is blown.


  • A game which ends in a tie must be settled by shootout.  Three players are selected to shoot. After this, sudden death shootout to determine winner. No player can shoot twice until all members of the team have shot.


  • A 90 second penalty will be assessed on any of the following infractions.
  • Abusive Language, Boarding, Butt-Ending, Charging, Interference, Cross Checking, Unsportsmanlike, High Sticking, Holding, Hooking, Roughing, Slashing, Spearing, Tripping.
  • Referee reserves the right to eject a player for questionable conduct, body contact or fighting.
  •   A spectator or coach may also be removed, for inappropriate conduct.


Players MUST use the following:

  • Team jersey
  • Wood or Composite stick
  • Running shoes
  • Hockey or lacrosse gloves

Players are recommended to wear the following:

  • Helmets with cage
  • Shin protectors
  • Mouth piece
  • Cup


  • Helmet/Goalie Mask are mandatory
  • Recommended are Chest Protector, Goalie Pads, Blocker and Glove

• WEATHER:Game will proceed, rain or shine.