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School Safety: 4 of the Most Important Tips

Sending our kids back to school is always a time of mixed emotions. We’re excited to see them start another chapter in their lives and we might be happy to have a few more hours in our day to get caught up on all those to-dos that piled up over the summertime. However, we might feel a bit sad because we’re realizing our kids are growing up. We also might be thinking about the dangers that they may experience away from the house and your oversight. We know that safety is something all parents worry about. Many parents worry about the dangers of biking, walking, rollerblading or taking the bus to school. Others may be concerned with what happens at school once they’ve arrived safe.

We set out to help parents just like you be ready for the school year ahead. Because you’re not alone. It’s increasingly important to teach our young leaders of tomorrow about safety and what they can do to stay safe. By having an open dialogue with your kids about the tips outlined below, you’ll have safety experts on your hands in no time. Who knows… in a few short weeks they might be teaching us safety tips to live by!

1. Travelling to and from school – know your route: Today more and more kids are taking alternative forms of transportation to school. Whether it’s biking, walking, scootering or rollerblading, the streets are busy with kids travelling to and from the homeroom. It’s important that both you and your children know the best routes. Streets can be busy and dangerous during rush hour. Take some time to map out a route that keeps your children away from major roadways. It’s also a good idea to identify an alternate route in case there’s something that requires a backup plan. These tips can keep your kids safe, but it also allows you to know where they’ll be travelling in case something does happen.

2. Emergency procedures 101: Most daycares, elementary schools and high schools have emergency plans and procedures in place. Take some time to review these and familiarize yourself with them. Go through them with our children and ask them questions along the way. Keep these plans and emergency contacts readily available just in case. This can help give you and your children the confidence that if something does happen; you’ll know what to do without thinking.

3. Get comfortable with safety: While there are dangers out there, we shouldn’t build an environment of fear. The best thing you can do is talk with your children about safety and what it means. Many kids see safety as “uncool”. This is your opportunity to educate them on the potential dangers they might run into. Whether it’s coming into contact with a stranger, road safety, how to protect themselves from sports injuries, who they can trust if they need help or what they should do if they are being bullied, helping your kids identify the best courses of action is an important part of their development. Discuss certain scenarios that they might encounter. Perhaps it’s what they should do at a busy intersection while riding their bike to school. Maybe it’s who they should call if one of their friends has an allergic reaction. Whatever it might be, if they know what they should do, you can be confident that they’ll make the right decisions at the right times.

4. Get involved: Building a safer school, neighbourhood and community comes down to support. Every parent can make a big difference just by getting involved. Reach out to your local community centre, school, sports team or neighbourhood committee to see if there’s anything you can do to increase safety and awareness. Maybe there’s a seminar coming up that they need parents to attend. Perhaps your school is looking for crossing guards or chaperones for an upcoming field trip. Your local sports team might even be looking for a few extra coaches. Volunteering a few hours each week or month to help improve the safety of the community you live in will make a world of difference. It also sets a great example for your children.

Sharing Your Safety Tips: Help Keep Kids Safe Everywhere 
This time of year is extremely busy. From daily classes to after school programs to sports practices and extracurricular activities, we have hectic schedules. But in this fast-paced world we can’t let safety fall through the cracks.
Keeping our kids safe starts with building awareness about the potential dangers they could encounter. Do you have any tips that you think other parents could benefit from? Share them with our network on Twitter or Facebook! We’d love to hear from you as your ideas might just help keep kids across Canada and North America safer this summer.

Added Fall Safety: The Stop-it! Safety Net
The fall is often filled with kids playing basketball, road hockey or hopscotch in the driveway. It’s a popular place for some of our favourite activities and sports. Did you know our fully retractable and stackable safety net can be easily installed on your driveway or at your local park to help increase safety? See how it works, what other parents are saying and buy yours today! It’s a great way to add a little extra safety this

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