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Spring Ahead and Keep Kids Safe

As we look ahead to the warmer months, kids are becoming increasingly excited to take to the streets. Whether it’s hop-scotch, basketball, road hockey or jump rope, the driveway is a popular place for our children’s favourite activities. The excitement is mounting. The “snow melting countdown” is on. But we can’t lose sight of safety.

The reality today
There are far too many preventable injuries that occur each year in driveways or parking lots. It’s a reality that we can’t ignore. These injuries occur because children tend to forget their surroundings as they focus on their pucks, balls and toys.

This doesn’t mean your children need to avoid the driveway at all costs. It shouldn’t be feared. However, the proper safety precautions should be taken to ensure your kids stay safe this summer as they enjoy the outdoors. It might seem like a tough undertaking, but it isn’t. It just takes some planning and the right support.

Tips to improve driveway safety

1. Knowledge and awareness 
We believe this is the first step in keeping your youngsters safe. Teach them about the importance of staying safe by identifying things for them to keep a look out for. This includes parked cars, traffic and their immediate surroundings. Before they take to the driveway this summer, have a discussion about things they can do to stay safe. Give them the sense of responsibility. You’ll be surprised how far open conversations can go.

2. You’re not alone: Rely on proven safety products 
Cars pulling in, balls rolling onto the road and other factors can make your driveway a dangerous place to play. But this doesn’t need to be the case. And you’re not alone.

To help keep children safe and support families across North America in their pursuit of creating safer play areas, we created a safety net that can dramatically change the level of safety afforded to your driveway.

Our easy-to-install, stackable and retractable safety net provides a remarkably simple way to add safety to your home’s driveway. It can help by:

 – Helping stop balls, toys and basketballs from rolling onto the street.
 – Creating a safe boundary for kids.
 – Acting as a simple barrier to keep unwanted cars out of the driveway.
 – Providing parents like you with peace of mind that their children are safer.

3. Your supervision is key
While our retractable net can enhance the level of safety in your driveway, it should not replace parental supervision. A watchful eye can go a long way in keeping our children safe this summer.

Take the pledge: Do your part
When it comes to the safety of our youngsters, we all have a part to play. Whether it’s sharing safety tips, keeping an eye out for the neighbours or teaching our kids about the importance of road safety, every bit helps.

Stay connected and share your insight 
Do you have any tips or tricks that help keep your kids safe during the summer months? We’d love to hear them!

Share your ideas and thought by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter! We look forward to hearing from you.