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Summer Water Safety

For most Canadian families, the warm summer months are filled with days by the pool, at the cottage or the lounging at the beach. It’s unfortunate that each year there are many tragic water related injuries and fatalities. That’s why water safety should be at the top of your summer safety list this year.

Safety is More Than Just Good Swimming Skills
While swimming skills are very important when it comes to water safety, it isn’t the only thing that contributes to saving a life and keeping our kids safe. Swimming can’t prepare you for those “what-if” or emergency scenarios. It’s important to have both swimming skills and fundamental safety knowledge. This is what can prevent many injuries and fatalities while ensuring your family stays safe this summer.

Do your children know what to do if an emergency occurs? What about the dangers of flowing water or lake currents? Do they know the rules of the pool? This is the type of safety knowledge that can make a huge difference. It all starts with education.

Prevention 101: Water Safety
Let’s take a closer look at some ways you can help prevent water related tragedies from happening this summer.

Get active: As a parent, it’s important to be actively supervising your children when they are around pools or at water parks or the beach. This is true even if they are great swimmers. Ensure everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment and following the rules. By keeping an eye out, you can spot dangers before they lead to injuries.

Backyard pools: These are favourites for many kids and families alike, but they can be dangerous for people of all ages. Make sure the gate is latched while you’re not using the pool. This can help keep people away from the water when you’re not around. It’s also important to ensure those who are enjoying the water are not running around the pool. You might also want to make sure those who are less skilled swimmers wear floaties or life jackets to increase their safety. These simple tips can make the backyard a safer place for summer fun.

Diving: Whether it’s off the diving board in your backyard or off the dock at your cottage, diving headfirst into water can be dangerous if not performed properly. Diving should be avoided unless the water is deep enough. Kids can often get a bit excited and forget that shallow water can cause injury, even if they jump in feet first. Take some time to review the water with your children and point out the areas where they can and cannot jump.

Open water fun: While lakes, streams and rivers are fun places to spend the hot days, you should never underestimate the power of currents and changing tides. Caution should always be taken when swimming in open waters as it can change quickly. By keeping an eye on the weather, posted safety warnings and discussing the dangers of open water with your children, you can make swimming in these summer hot spots safer for everyone involved.

Do you have summer swimming tips you’d like to share?
When it comes to keeping our kids safe, sharing tips, tricks and best practices can make a world of difference. Help other families this summer by sharing your water safety tips with our network on Twitter or Facebook! We’d love to hear from

Added Summer Safety: The Stop-it! Safety Net
Did you know our fully retractable and stackable safety net can be easily installed on your driveway or at your local park to help increase safety? See how it works, what other parents are saying and buy yours today! It’s a great way to add a little extra safety this summer.

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